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Phrase Consultant CV Town Special Interests
cosmetic rhinoplasty *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Rhinitis, deafness post trauma, paediatric ENT, voice, smell and taste post trauma, imbalance post trauma, nose and sinus diseases, voice and swallowing problems, chronic cough, cosmetic rhinoplasty, snoring, children's ENT pathology
facial and rhinoplasty surgery *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Reconstructive surgery, general plastic and aesthetic surgery, hand surgery, facial and rhinoplasty surgery, breast and abdominal surgery
facial plastic surgery - rhinoplasty *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Otology - hearing loss, tinnitus and dizziness, rhinology - functional endoscopic sinus surgery, facial plastic surgery - rhinoplasty, pinnaplasty, head and neck surgery including salivary gland management, laser surgery under local anaesthetic for snoring, paediatric ENT, snoring, Medico-Legal claims
facial plastic surgery - rhinoplasty *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Rhinology, FESS - functional endoscopic sinus surgery, facial plastic surgery - rhinoplasty, ear and mastoid surgery, head and neck cancer, thyroid surgery, endoscopic DCR - dacryocystorhinostomy
Facial plastic surgery: rhinoplasty *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Facial plastic surgery: rhinoplasty, pinnaplasty, rhinology, snoring, sinus disease, allergic ENT disorders, paediatric ENT complaints, ear disorders, hearing loss
rhinology/rhinoplasty *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Paediatric ENT, sinus surgery, rhinology/rhinoplasty, otology/neuro-otology
rhinoplasty *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Head and neck surgery, sinus disease, snoring, neck and thyroid swellings, rhinoplasty, childhood ENT diseases, hearing loss, allergy
rhinoplasty *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Cosmetic surgery including aesthetic breast and facial surgery, facelift, eyelid surgery and eye bags, rhinoplasty, body contouring and ultrasonic liposuction, skin laser, paediatric plastic surgery including ear surgery, cleft lip and palate and hypospadias, oculoplastic surgery, abdominoplasty
rhinoplasty *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Endoscopic sinus surgery, rhinology, chronic sinusitis, snoring, rhinoplasty
rhinoplasty *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Facial plastic surgery, otolaryngology, rhinology, rhinoplasty, endoscopic sinus surgery
rhinoplasty *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Facial deformities, orthognathic surgery, rhinoplasty, skin lesions - facial skin cancer, laser treatment, craniofacial surgery
rhinoplasty *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* General ENT, otology, endoscopic sinus surgery, rhinoplasty, bat ears, Meniere's disease
rhinoplasty *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Cosmetic surgery, breast reconstruction, abdominoplasty, rhinoplasty, post weight loss reduction surgery, facelift
rhinoplasty *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Cosmetic surgery, cosmetic and developmental breast surgery, breast reconstruction, rhinoplasty
rhinoplasty *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Rhinology, sinus disease, nasal allergy, rhinoplasty, facial aesthetic surgery
rhinoplasty *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Breast reconstruction, hand surgery, cosmetic surgery, breast surgery, facial aesthetic surgery, rhinoplasty, microsurgical reconstruction
rhinoplasty *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Cleft lip and palate, orthognathic surgery, rhinoplasty, paediatric maxillofacial surgery
rhinoplasty *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Otology, rhinology, paediatric ENT, endoscopic sinus surgery, rhinoplasty
rhinoplasty *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Paediatric ENT, otology, sinus surgery, rhinoplasty
rhinoplasty *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Cosmetic surgery, dermatological surgery, hand surgery, eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, breast cosmetic surgery, abdominoplasty, skin cancer and minor lesion surgery, plastic surgery, peripheral nerve pain
rhinoplasty *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Adult and paediatric otolaryngology, rhinology, rhinoplasty, snoring, sinus surgery
rhinoplasty *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Endoscopic sinus surgery, head and neck surgery, rhinoplasty, voice disorders
rhinoplasty *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Endoscopic sinus surgery, rhinoplasty, rhinology, paediatric otolaryngology, frontal sinus surgery, lacrimal surgery, nasal reconstruction, chronic facial pain, otoplasty
rhinoplasty *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Facial aesthetic surgery, orthognathic surgery, dental implants, head and neck surgery, skin cancer surgery, chin surgery, jaw deformity, facial trauma, facial cosmetic surgery, rhinoplasty, salivary gland diseases, bone and sinus augmentation for dental implants
rhinoplasty *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Otology, skull base surgery, rhinology, nasal disorders, rhinoplasty
rhinoplasty *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Paediatric ENT, sinus surgery, rhinoplasty, otology
Rhinoplasty *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Rhinoplasty, pinnaplasty
rhinoplasty *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Aesthetic surgery, breast augmentation, breast reduction, rhinoplasty, liposuction, nonsurgical facial rejuvenation, hand surgery
Rhinoplasty *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Rhinoplasty, rhinology, endoscopic sinus surgery, aesthetic surgery of the ears and nose, DCR - dacryocystorhinostomy
rhinoplasty *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Dupuytren's disease, breast surgery, rhinoplasty, skin cancer
rhinoplasty *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Rhinology, rhinoplasty, parotid and thyroid surgery, sinus disease
rhinoplasty *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Otolaryngology, otology, ears, hearing, rhinology, nose, sinuses, rhinoplasty
rhinoplasty *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Rhinology, rhinoplasty, facial plastics, Voice problems
rhinoplasty *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Sinus surgery, rhinology, rhinoplasty, allergy, disorders of smell and taste, congestion and nasal blockage, chronic facial pain, lacrimal disorders
rhinoplasty *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Voice and laser treatment of the larynx, rhinoplasty, sinus surgery
rhinoplasty *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Endoscopic sinus surgery, endoscopic DCR - dacryocystorhinostomy, endoscopic pharyngeal pouch, snoring surgery, rhinology, rhinoplasty, paediatric ENT surgery, salivary gland disease, voice disorders, cosmetic surgery
rhinoplasty *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Facial reconstruction, facial palsy, head and neck surgery, tissue engineering, cosmetic surgery, facelift, breast enhancement/augmentation, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, abdominoplasty, skin lesions, skin cancer
rhinoplasty *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Otolaryngology, ENT surgery, rhinology, rhinoplasty, head and neck surgery, salivary gland surgery, paediatric ENT surgery, facial plastic surgery and skin surgery
rhinoplasty *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Rhinology, endoscopic sinus surgery, rhinoplasty, facial plastic surgery, skull base surgery
rhinoplasty *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Sinus surgery, snoring, rhinoplasty
rhinoplasty *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Head and neck surgery, salivary gland surgery, rhinology, rhinoplasty, sinus surgery
rhinoplasty *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Middle ear surgery, rhinoplasty, cosmetic surgery, snoring surgery, surgery for deafness, allergic rhinitis, facial palsy management, thyroid surgery, sinus surgery, otology, sinus disease, parathyroid surgery
rhinoplasty *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery, skin cancer, rhinoplasty, aesthetic/cosmetic surgery, medical education/training
Rhinoplasty *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Rhinoplasty, facial deformity, orthognathic surgery, facial skin cancer, salivary gland surgery, TMJ - temporomandibular joint disorder
rhinoplasty *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Head and neck reconstruction, facial paralysis, rhinoplasty, cosmetic breast surgery, blepharoplasty
rhinoplasty *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Head and neck cancer, septorhinoplasty, rhinoplasty, correction of prominent ears
rhinoplasty *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Wound healing, breast surgery, facial plastics, facelift, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, abdominoplasty, liposuction, skin cancer, hand surgery
rhinoplasty *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Breast plastic surgery, skin cancer, hand surgery, breast reconstruction, cosmetic surgery, microsurgery, rhinoplasty, abdominoplasty, facial palsy
Rhinoplasty *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Rhinoplasty, cosmetic breast surgery, cosmetic abdominal surgery
rhinoplasty *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Rhinology and sinus surgery, facial plastic surgery, rhinoplasty, pinnaplasty
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