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Phrase Consultant CV Town Special Interests
Acquired brain injury *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Acquired brain injury, neurorehabilitation, stroke rehabilitation, spasticity
acquired brain injury *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Old age psychiatry and general adult, rehabilitation psychiatry, cognitive analytical therapy practitioner, Alzheimer's disease, acquired brain injury, repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation - rTMS
acquired brain injury *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Spasticity management, acquired brain injury, vocational rehabilitation
acquired brain injury *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Epilepsy, acute neurology, acquired brain injury
Acquired brain injury rehabilitation *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Acquired brain injury rehabilitation, amputee rehabilitation, electronic assistive technology - EAT
acquired brain injury rehabilitation *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Musculoskeletal and amputee rehabilitation, motor neurone disease rehabilitation, spasticity management, acquired brain injury rehabilitation, sports and exercise medicine
acute brain injury *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Intensive care, acute brain injury, nutrition
acute trauma and traumatic brain injury *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Paediatric intensive care, acute trauma and traumatic brain injury, haemodynamics, shock and severe infections, medical ethics, hospital acquired infections
adult and paediatric brain tumours *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Craniomaxillofacial surgery, cervical and lumbar disease, epilepsy, paediatric neurosurgery, hydrocephalus, adult and paediatric brain tumours
adult brain tumours *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Paediatric neurosurgery, epilepsy surgery, spinal surgery, brain tumours in childhood, adult brain tumours
all brain and spine tumours *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Neuro-oncology - high and low grade gliomas, all brain and spine tumours, degenerative lumbar and cervical spine pathology, awake craniotomies for tumours in eloquent cortex, glioma in-vitro tumour culture and chemosensitivity, stereotactic radiosurgery for brain tumours
AVM - arteriovenous malformation of the brain and spinal cord *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Cerebral aneurysms, AVM - arteriovenous malformation of the brain and spinal cord, cerebral revascularisation and stroke prevention, cerebral haemorrhage, general neurosurgery including tumours of the neuraxis and spinal surgery
awake surgery for brain tumours *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Minimally invasive endoscopic surgery for brain tumours, awake surgery for brain tumours
behavioural neurology - brain injury *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Epilepsy, behavioural neurology - brain injury, neuro-ophthalmology
brain *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Spinal disorders, spinal injuries, peripheral nerves, brain, head injuries, lumbar and cervical spine stenosis, carpal tunnel, trigeminal neuralgia
brain abnormalities *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Fetal valproate syndrome, dysmorphology, brain abnormalities, cleft lip and palate
brain abscess *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Spinal surgery, rheumatoid cervical surgery, paediatric neurosurgery, spinal injury, cauda equina syndrome, spinal abscess, head injury, brain abscess
brain and spinal cord tumours *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Neurosurgical neuro-oncology, brain and spinal cord tumours, syringomyelia, chiari malformation, spinal neurosurgery, degenerative spinal disease
brain and spinal cord tumours *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Spinal surgery, brain and spinal cord tumours, spina bifida, sports related neurological injury
brain and spinal injuries *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Spinal surgery, brain and spinal injuries
Brain and spinal tumours *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Brain and spinal tumours, minimally invasive neurosurgery, spinal and facial pain management
brain and spinal tumours *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Parkinson's disease, movement disorders, epilepsy, dementia, MS - multiple sclerosis, brain and spinal tumours, headache, lyme disease
brain and spine trauma *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Neuroradiology, MRI imaging, brain tumour imaging, diagnostic cerebral angiography, brain and spine trauma
brain cancer *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Breast cancer, brain cancer, sarcoma, gynaecological cancer
brain cancer *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Breast cancer, lung cancer, brain cancer
brain cancer *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Lung cancer, lymphoma, HIV related cancers, brain cancer
brain cooling for birth asphyxia *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Perinatal brain injury, brain cooling for birth asphyxia
brain damage *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Epilepsy, general neuropsychiatry, stroke, brain damage, learning disability
brain function *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Neonatology, brain function
brain haemorrhage - arterio-ventricular malformation *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Hydrocephalus, paediatric and adult brain tumours, sciatica and back pain, brachialgia and neck pain, brain haemorrhage - arterio-ventricular malformation, aneurysm and ventricular, spina bifida, insertion of Baclofen pumps for cerebral palsy, surgical treatment of facial pain, head injuries, chiari and syringomyelia, arachnoid cyst
brain imaging *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Paediatric neurology, fetal and neonatal neurology, movement disorders, brain imaging
brain imaging *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Working age adult psychiatry - community liaison, organic and old age psychiatry, NHS smart card technology and polyclinics, brain imaging, brain imaging
Brain imaging *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Brain imaging, ENT radiology, orbital radiology, spinal imaging, dementia imaging, trauma imaging
Brain imaging *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Brain imaging, thyroid imaging, radioisotope imaging, radionuclide therapy
brain injuries *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Rehabilitation medicine, low back pain, spinal injuries, brain injuries
Brain injury *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Brain injury, polytrauma rehabilitation, spasticity management, neurorehabilitation, acute rehabilitation, electronic assistive technology - EAT, prognosis and life expectancy after acquired brain injury
Brain injury *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Brain injury, neurodisability, stroke, Huntington's disease, polio
brain injury *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Old age psychiatry, dementia, neuropsychopharmacology, brain injury, anxiety, depression
Brain injury *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Brain injury, Parkinson's disease
brain injury *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Neuropsychiatry, brain injury, functional neurological symptoms
brain injury *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* General neurology, epilepsy, headache, dizziness, MS - multiple sclerosis, stroke, brain injury, all types of pain
Brain injury *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Brain injury, dementia including Korsakoffs syndrome, neuropsychiatric consequences of epilepsy, Huntington's disease, functional neurological disorders/somatisation, complex capacity assessments
Brain injury *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Brain injury, stroke medicine, spasticity, chronic fatigue syndrome
brain injury *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Spinal injury rehabilitation, prosthetics, orthotics, brain injury
Brain injury *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Brain injury, spasticity management, botulinum toxin
brain injury *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Neurorehabilitation, MS - multiple sclerosis, brain injury, spasticity, motor neurone disease, stroke, neglect/spatial inattention, research governance
Brain injury *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Brain injury, spasticity, neurorehabilitation, young disabled, prosthetics, special seating, mood disorders in rehabilitation
Brain injury *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Brain injury, stroke, neurodisability
Brain injury *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Brain injury, brain injury rehabilitation, PTSD - post-traumatic stress disorder, forensic work
brain injury *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* General medicine, neurorehabilitation, brain injury
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