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NHS and Private Hospitals starting with C

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Cadogan Clinic, The[London] Consulting Rooms [10 Lancaster Drive][Prestwich]
Caerphilly CLDT[Ystrad Mynach] Consulting Rooms [10 St John Street][Manchester]
Caithness General Hospital[Wick] Consulting Rooms [10-12 Harley Street][London]
Calderbank Medical Chambers[Manchester] Consulting Rooms [100 Harley Street][London]
Calderdale CAMHS[Halifax] Consulting Rooms [100 Seymour Place][London]
Calderdale CMHT[Halifax] Consulting Rooms [101 Harley Street][London]
Calderdale Royal Hospital[Halifax] Consulting Rooms [102 Harley Street][London]
Callington Road Hospital[Bristol] Consulting Rooms [103 - 105 Harley Street][London]
Callum Lodge[Birmingham] Consulting Rooms [104 Harley Street][London]
Caludon Centre, The[Coventry] Consulting Rooms [104 Oakley Street][London]
Camberwell Sexual Health Centre[London] Consulting Rooms [105 Nibthwaite Road][Harrow]
Camborne-Redruth Community Hospital[Redruth] Consulting Rooms [106 Longlands Road][Sidcup]
Cambridge Clear Beauty[Great Shelford] Consulting Rooms [107 Harley Street][London]
Cambridge Heart Clinic[Cambridge] Consulting Rooms [11 Dale Street][Liverpool]
Cambridge Knee Clinic Ltd, The[Cambridge] Consulting Rooms [11 Granby Road][Edinburgh]
Cambridge Orthodontic Practice[Cambridge] Consulting Rooms [112 Harley Street][London]
Cambridge Pathways[Cambridge] Consulting Rooms [114a Harley Street][London]
Camden and Islington Assertive Outreach Teams[London] Consulting Rooms [115A Lapwing Lane][Manchester]
Camden and Islington Early Intervention Service (EIS)[London] Consulting Rooms [117a Harley Street][London]
Camden Community Recovery Services for Older People[London] Consulting Rooms [12 Goldington Road][Bedford]
Camden Home Treatment Team[London] Consulting Rooms [12 Harley Street][London]
Camden Learning Disabilities Service[London] Consulting Rooms [12 Shire Oak Road][Leeds]
Camden Mosaic Children's Services[London] Consulting Rooms [120 Bark Street][Bolton]
Camden Outreach[London] Consulting Rooms [120 Harley Street][London]
Camden, Islington ELiPSE and UCLH & HCA Palliative Care Team[London] Consulting Rooms [121 Harley Street][London]
Cameo North[Peterborough] Consulting Rooms [123 Cannon Street][London]
Cameron Hospital[Leven] Consulting Rooms [127 Harley Street][London]
Cameron House[Windygates] Consulting Rooms [13 John Prince’s Street][London]
CamGlen CAMHS[Rutherglen] Consulting Rooms [132 Harley Street][London]
CAMHS 16 - 19 Services - West Wirral[Chester] Consulting Rooms [136 Harley Street] (Alliance Medical Ltd)[London]
CAMHS Dundee and Angus[Dundee] Consulting Rooms [14 Cranmer Road][Cambridge]
CAMHS East - Burton[Burton On Trent] Consulting Rooms [14 Devonshire Place][London]
CAMHS East - Lichfield[Lichfield] Consulting Rooms [14 Lake Road East][Cardiff]
CAMHS East - Tamworth[Tamworth] Consulting Rooms [14 Queen Anne Street][London]
CAMHS Eating Disorder Team[Leicester] Consulting Rooms [14 Vernon Street][Derby]
CAMHS Intellectual Disability Team[Mansfield Woodhouse] Consulting Rooms [140 Palewell Park][London]
CAMHS Perth[Perth] Consulting Rooms [144 Harley Street][London]
CAMHS Tipperlinn[Edinburgh] Consulting Rooms [148 Harley Street][London]
CAMHS West - Stafford[Stafford] Consulting Rooms [14A Northland Row][Dungannon]
Campbell Centre, The[Milton Keynes] Consulting Rooms [15 Basil Mansions][London]
Campbell House[Northampton] Consulting Rooms [15 Dover Street][Canterbury]
Campus for Ageing and Vitality[Newcastle upon Tyne] Consulting Rooms [15 Newton Place][Lee-on-the-Solent]
Canary Wharf Roodlane Medical Ltd[London] Consulting Rooms [15 St John Street][Manchester]
Cancer Partners UK - Oxford[Oxford] Consulting Rooms [150 Harley Street][London]
Candover Clinic, The[Basingstoke] Consulting Rooms [151A Kings Road][Westcliff on Sea]
Canford Heath Surgery[Poole] Consulting Rooms [152 Birmingham Road][Sutton Coldfield]
Cannock Chase Hospital[Cannock] Consulting Rooms [152 Harley Street][London]
Canterbury & Coastal CMHT[Canterbury] Consulting Rooms [16 St John Street][Manchester]
Canterbury & Coastal CMHTOP[Canterbury] Consulting Rooms [161 Compton Road][Wolverhampton]
Canterbury Skin & Laser Clinic, The[Canterbury] Consulting Rooms [169 Park Road][West Cowes]
Caradon CMHT[Liskeard] Consulting Rooms [17 Nottingham Street][London]
Cardiac Screen Ltd[London] Consulting Rooms [17 Portland Road][Birmingham]
Cardiff and Vale CAMHS[Cardiff] Consulting Rooms [17 St John Street][Manchester]
Cardiff Breast Unit[Penarth] Consulting Rooms [17 Wimpole Street][London]
Cardiff Knee Clinic[Cardiff] Consulting Rooms [18 Cuthburga Road][Wimborne]
Cardiff Royal Infirmary[Cardiff] Consulting Rooms [18 Wimpole Street][London]
Cardigan Integrated Care Centre[Cardigan] Consulting Rooms [18-20 The Ropewalk][Nottingham]
Cardinal Clinic [Windsor][Windsor] Consulting Rooms [19 Greenfield Avenue][Stourbridge]
CARE Fertility Birmingham[Birmingham] Consulting Rooms [19 Pendarves Road][London]
CARE Fertility Liverpool[Liverpool] Consulting Rooms [1A Middlebridge St][Romsey]
CARE Fertility Manchester[Manchester] Consulting Rooms [1b Upper Wimpole Street][London]
CARE Fertility Northampton[Northampton] Consulting Rooms [2 Crescent Road][Hale]
CARE Fertility Nottingham[Nottingham] Consulting Rooms [2 Harley Street][London]
CARE Fertility Sheffield[Sheffield] Consulting Rooms [2 Kings View][Wirral]
CARE Fertility Tunbridge Wells[Tunbridge Wells] Consulting Rooms [2 Lugg Vale Cottages][Hereford]
CARE Fertility Woking[Woking] Consulting Rooms [2 Mainwaring Rd][Lincoln]
Care in Mind[Stockport] Consulting Rooms [2 Upper Wimpole Street][London]
Carholme Court[Lincoln] Consulting Rooms [20 Harley Street, 38 Harmont House][London]
Carleton Clinic, The[Carlisle] Consulting Rooms [20 Harley Street, Flat 14][London]
Carlisle CMHART[Carlisle] Consulting Rooms [20 Harley Street, Flat 26 Harmont House][London]
Carlisle Health and Wellbeing Centre[Belfast] Consulting Rooms [21 Albion Street][Hull]
Carlton Court[Lowestoft] Consulting Rooms [21 Wimpole Street][London]
Carmarthen CTLD[Carmarthen] Consulting Rooms [210 Baslow Road][Sheffield]
Carmenta Life[Berkhamsted] Consulting Rooms [212 Brixton Road][London]
Carol Kendrick Centre[Manchester] Consulting Rooms [21A Devonshire Close][London]
Carrick CMHT[Truro] Consulting Rooms [22 Harley Street][London]
Carseview Centre[Dundee] Consulting Rooms [22 Offham Slope][London]
Carseview House[Stirling] Consulting Rooms [22 Upper Wimpole Street][London]
CaSH Lancashire[Blackburn] Consulting Rooms [22 Wimpole Street][London]
Cassel Hospital[Richmond] Consulting Rooms [23 College Crescent][London]
Castle Craig Hospital[West Linton] Consulting Rooms [24 Walton Heath Drive][Macclesfield]
Castle Hill Hospital[Hull] Consulting Rooms [24 West Street][Chichester]
Castle Quay Medical Practice[St Helier] Consulting Rooms [242 Cathedral Road][Cardiff]
Castle Vale Clinic[Birmingham] Consulting Rooms [25 Rodney Street][Liverpool]
Caswell Clinic[Bridgend] Consulting Rooms [25 Upper Wimpole Street][London]
Catani Clinic[London] Consulting Rooms [25 Wimpole Street][London]
Caterham Dene Hospital[Caterham] Consulting Rooms [27 Devonshire Place][London]
Catharine Suite [Liverpool Women's Hospital], The[Liverpool] Consulting Rooms [272 Kings Road][London]
Cathedral Eye Clinic[Belfast] Consulting Rooms [28 Highfield Road][Perth]
Causeway Hospital[Coleraine] Consulting Rooms [28 Midland Place][Derby]
Cavell Centre, The[Peterborough] Consulting Rooms [28 Rodney Street][Liverpool]
Cavendish Hospital[Buxton] Consulting Rooms [28 Stanley Street][Ormskirk]
Cavendish House[Hastings] Consulting Rooms [28a Devonshire Street][London]
Cedar Dental Care[Thatcham] Consulting Rooms [29 Broad Street][St Helier]
Cedarwood Building[Armagh] Consulting Rooms [29 Fyfield Road][Enfield]
Cefn Coed Hospital[Swansea] Consulting Rooms [2a Barham Road][London]
Cefni Hospital[Llangefni] Consulting Rooms [3 Moon Grove][Manchester]
Cellular Pathology Services[Watford] Consulting Rooms [3 Robins Lane][Stockport]
Centaurus Private Healthcare[Stockton on Tees] Consulting Rooms [3 The Woodlands][Blackburn]
Centenary CAMHS[Sheffield] Consulting Rooms [30 Arkwright Road][London]
Centennial Medical Care[Elstree] Consulting Rooms [30 Harley Street][London]
Central and East Bristol CAMHS[Bristol] Consulting Rooms [30 Tabernacle St][London]
Central Clinic[Swansea] Consulting Rooms [30 Weymouth Street][London]
Central Health[Derby] Consulting Rooms [31 Grove Hill Road][Moira]
Central Health Physiotherapy[London] Consulting Rooms [31 Quarry Avenue][Stoke on Trent]
Central Lancashire Early Intervention Service (EIS)[Chorley] Consulting Rooms [33 Harley Street][London]
Central Lancashire OPMHT[Preston] Consulting Rooms [33 Hope Place][Bath]
Central Middlesex Hospital[London] Consulting Rooms [34 Winchester Avenue][Leicester]
Central Norfolk CMHT[Wymondham] Consulting Rooms [341 Garstang Road][Preston]
Central Norfolk Mental Health Team[Norwich] Consulting Rooms [344-354 Gray's Inn Road][London]
Central Northumberland Community Treatment Team (CTT)[Ashington] Consulting Rooms [35 Devonshire Place][London]
Central Shropshire CMHT[Shrewsbury] Consulting Rooms [35 Great James Street][London]
Central Stress Management[London] Consulting Rooms [357 Duffield Road][Allestree]
Central Suffolk IDT[Stowmarket] Consulting Rooms [4 The Wells][Sheffield]
Central Wandsworth and West Battersea CMHT[London] Consulting Rooms [4 Tongdean Road][Hove]
Centre Body and Mind[London] Consulting Rooms [4 Upper Wimpole Street][London]
Centre for Reproductive & Genetic Health - CRGH[London] Consulting Rooms [40 Harley Street][London]
Centre for Sight[East Grinstead] Consulting Rooms [41 Brackenridge][Dromore ]
Centre for Sight[Oxshott] Consulting Rooms [41 Welbeck Street][London]
Centre for Sight[London] Consulting Rooms [41 Wragby Road][Lincoln]
Centre for Specialist Psychological Therapies[Newcastle upon Tyne] Consulting Rooms [42 Borough High Street][London]
Centre for the Health of the Elderly[Newcastle upon Tyne] Consulting Rooms [42 Farm Avenue][London]
Centre of Dental Excellence[Stanmore] Consulting Rooms [42 Harley Street][London]
Centre Practice - Hampshire Health[Portsmouth] Consulting Rooms [42 Wimpole Street][London]
Centreline Aviation Medical Services Ltd, Gatwick[Horley] Consulting Rooms [434 Lisburn Road][Belfast]
Centric Consulting Rooms[Sale] Consulting Rooms [45 Queen Anne Street][London]
Century House[Long Eaton] Consulting Rooms [45 Queen Street][Exeter]
Chailey Heritage Clinical Services[Lewes] Consulting Rooms [45 Wimpole Street][London]
Chalbury Unit[Weymouth] Consulting Rooms [46 Wimpole Street][London]
Chalfonts & Gerrards Cross Community Hospital[Gerrards Cross] Consulting Rooms [47 Brodrick Road][London]
Chalkhill[Haywards Heath] Consulting Rooms [47 Devonshire Street][London]
Chalmers Sexual Health Centre[Edinburgh] Consulting Rooms [47 Nottingham Place][London]
Change Grow Live[Rotherham] Consulting Rooms [47 Rodney Street][Liverpool]
Chapel Allerton Hospital[Leeds] Consulting Rooms [47 Wimpole Street][London]
Chapman Barker Unit[Prestwich] Consulting Rooms [48 Harley Street][London]
Chard Community Hospital[Chard] Consulting Rooms [5 Curzon Road][Southport]
Charing Cross Hospital[London] Consulting Rooms [5 Fennell Court][Wakefield]
Charles Clifford Dental Hospital[Sheffield] Consulting Rooms [5 Hedgerley Close][Cambridge]
Charlton Lane Hospital[Cheltenham] Consulting Rooms [5 Hobson Court][Penrith]
Charnwood Suite [James Paget Hospital][Great Yarmouth] Consulting Rooms [5 Vesta Court][London]
Charter House[Luton] Consulting Rooms [51 Harley Street][London]
Charterhouse Clinic[Flore] Consulting Rooms [51 Pinfold Street][Birmingham]
Chartwell Private Hospital[Leigh on Sea] Consulting Rooms [51 Sloane Street][London]
Chartwell Suite, Kent Oncology Centre, The[Maidstone] Consulting Rooms [51 The Grange][Newton Aycliffe]
Chase Building, The[Enfield] Consulting Rooms [54 New Cavendish Street][London]
Chase Farm Hospital[Enfield] Consulting Rooms [55 Harley Street][London]
Chase Lodge Hospital[London] Consulting Rooms [55 Lancaster Road][St Albans]
Chatsworth Clinic [Chesterfield Royal Hospital] (Aspen Healthcare)[Chesterfield] Consulting Rooms [55 Queen Anne Street][London]
Chatsworth House[Swindon] Consulting Rooms [55 Wimpole Street][London]
Chatterton House[King's Lynn] Consulting Rooms [56 Bank Parade][Burnley]
Chaucer Resource Centre[London] Consulting Rooms [59 Oakley Square][London]
Chelsea & Westminster Hospital[London] Consulting Rooms [596 Finchley Road][London]
Chelsea and Westminster Perinatal Mental Health Service[London] Consulting Rooms [599 - 613 Princes Road][Dartford]
Chelsea Bridge Clinic[London] Consulting Rooms [6 Bendall Mews][London]
Chelsea Consulting Rooms (HCA International)[London] Consulting Rooms [60 Cow Lane][Fulbourn]
Chelsea Outpatient Centre (The Lister Hospital)[London] Consulting Rooms [62 Wimpole Street][London]
Chelsea Pharmacy Medical Clinic[London] Consulting Rooms [64 Harley Street][London]
Chelsea Wing [Chelsea & Westminster Hospital][London] Consulting Rooms [66 Harley Street][London]
Chelsmford & Essex Centre[Chelmsford] Consulting Rooms [666 Chatsworth Road][Chesterfield]
Cheltenham General Hospital[Cheltenham] Consulting Rooms [68 Harley Street][London]
Chenies Mews Imaging Centre[London] Consulting Rooms [69 Banbury Road][Oxford]
Chepstow Community Hospital[Chepstow] Consulting Rooms [7 College Street][Bury St Edmunds]
Cherry Tree House[York] Consulting Rooms [7 Ferriby Close][Newcastle upon Tyne]
Cherry Willingham Branch Surgery[Lincoln] Consulting Rooms [7 Kewferry Drive][Northwood]
Cherrybank Resource Centre[Ellesmere Port] Consulting Rooms [7 Troon Drive][Bristol]
Chertsey CAMHS[Chertsey] Consulting Rooms [7 Womersley Road][London]
Cherwell Hospital, The[Banbury] Consulting Rooms [70 Harley Street][London]
Cheshire Eye Clinic, The[Wilmslow] Consulting Rooms [70 Quay Street][Manchester]
Cheshire Fertility[Macclesfield] Consulting Rooms [70 Wimpole Street][London]
Cheshunt Community Hospital[Waltham Cross] Consulting Rooms [72 Rodney Street][Liverpool]
Chester Wellness Centre[Chester] Consulting Rooms [73 Harley Street][London]
Chester-le-Street Health Centre[Chester-le-Street] Consulting Rooms [74/1 Inverleth Place][Edinburgh]
Chester-le-Street Hospital[Chester-le-Street] Consulting Rooms [75 Harley Street][London]
Chesterfield Clinic[Chesterfield] Consulting Rooms [75 Rodney Street][Liverpool]
Chesterfield Royal Hospital[Chesterfield] Consulting Rooms [76 Gartside Street][Manchester]
Chestnut Hill Clinic[Portadown] Consulting Rooms [8 Burrium Gate][Usk]
Cheswold Park Hospital[Doncaster] Consulting Rooms [8 Devonshire Place][London]
CHHP London[London] Consulting Rooms [8 Finch Road][Douglas]
Chichester CAMHS[Chichester] Consulting Rooms [8 Packham Lane][Hull]
Chichester Centre Low Secure Services[Chichester] Consulting Rooms [8 Stonebridge][Darlington]
Child and Adolescent Inpatient Services[Bury] Consulting Rooms [8 Upper Wimpole Street][London]
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service[Bangor - Gwynedd] Consulting Rooms [80 Harley Street][London]
Child and Family Practice, The[London] Consulting Rooms [81 Broad Oaks Road][Solihull]
Child Development Centre[Birkenhead] Consulting Rooms [81 Friar Gate][Derby]
Child Development Centre[Hereford] Consulting Rooms [81 Harborne Road][Birmingham]
Child Development Centre[Northallerton] Consulting Rooms [82 Harley Street][London]
Child Development Centre[Bedford] Consulting Rooms [85 Great Portland Street][London]
Child Development Centre, The[Stoke on Trent] Consulting Rooms [86 Harley Street][London]
Children and Young People's Eating Disorder Service (EDICT)[Hexham] Consulting Rooms [86 Rodney Street][Liverpool]
Children's Medical Services[Croydon] Consulting Rooms [86 The Avenue][Sunbury]
Children's Orthopaedic Clinic, The[Swansea] Consulting Rooms [88 Harley Street][London]
Chiltern Adult CMHT[High Wycombe] Consulting Rooms [88 Rodney Street][Liverpool]
Chippenham Community Hospital[Chippenham] Consulting Rooms [89 King's Road][Westcliff on Sea]
Chiropractic Plus[Pocklington] Consulting Rooms [9 Beaumont Road], The[Windsor]
Chiswick Park Dental & Facial[London] Consulting Rooms [9 Lord Warden's Manor][Bangor - County Down]
Chorley & South Ribble District General Hospital[Chorley] Consulting Rooms [9 Upper Wimpole Street][London]
Chorley and South Ribble CAMHS[Leyland] Consulting Rooms [9 Winifred Road][Stockport]
Chorley and South Ribble CLDT[Chorley] Consulting Rooms [92 Harley Street][London]
Chorley and South Ribble CMHT[Bamber Bridge] Consulting Rooms [92 Long Lane][Ickenham]
Chorley CMHT[Chorley] Consulting Rooms [94 Harley Street][London]
Christchurch CMHT[Christchurch] Consulting Rooms [96 Harley Street][London]
Christchurch Hospital[Christchurch] Consulting Rooms [99 Harley Street][London]
Christie Private Care (HCA International), The[Manchester] Consulting Rooms [Abbots House][London]
Christie, The[Manchester] Consulting Rooms [Albion Street Clinic][St Helens]
Church Hill House[Bracknell] Consulting Rooms [Ashleigh][Bromley]
Church Lane Physiotherapy Clinic Ltd[Newcastle under Lyme] Consulting Rooms [Atkinson Brignalls][Sevenoaks]
Church View Dental Care[Leeds] Consulting Rooms [BM Box 2512, London][London]
Churchill Hospital[Oxford] Consulting Rooms [Bow Cottage][Wigan]
Circle Health Group - Albyn Hospital[Aberdeen] Consulting Rooms [Box Trees][Wetherby]
Circle Health Group - Bath Clinic[Bath] Consulting Rooms [Bramfield][Chichester]
Circle Health Group - Bishops Wood Hospital[Northwood] Consulting Rooms [Bridgewater House][Watford]
Circle Health Group - Chelsfield Park Hospital[Orpington] Consulting Rooms [Brinkworth House][Swindon]
Circle Health Group - Dundee Outpatient Centre[Dundee] Consulting Rooms [Cestria][Beaconsfield]
Circle Health Group - Goring Hall Hospital[Goring-by-Sea] Consulting Rooms [Chestnut Cottage][Exeter]
Circle Health Group - Hendon Hospital[London] Consulting Rooms [Chyvogue House][Truro]
Circle Health Group - Kings Park Hospital[Stirling] Consulting Rooms [Dove Cote Office][Blyth]
Circle Health Group - Mount Alvernia Hospital[Guildford] Consulting Rooms [Downs Court Business Centre][Altrincham]
Circle Health Group - Ross Hall Hospital[Glasgow] Consulting Rooms [Erme House][Plymouth]
Circle Health Group - Sarum Road Hospital[Winchester] Consulting Rooms [Fairoak][Esher]
Circle Health Group - Shirley Oaks Hospital[Croydon] Consulting Rooms [Foxhall Lodge][Nottingham]
Circle Health Group - Southend Private Hospital[Westcliff on Sea] Consulting Rooms [Grove Hill Farm][Londonderry]
Circle Health Group - St Edmunds Hospital[Bury St Edmunds] Consulting Rooms [Health Management Ltd][Berkswell]
Circle Health Group - Sutton Medical Centre[Sutton Coldfield] Consulting Rooms [Hill Rise][Pool in Wharfedale]
Circle Health Group - Syon Clinic[Brentford] Consulting Rooms [Hill Surgery][Chislehurst]
Circle Health Group - The Alexandra Hospital[Cheadle] Consulting Rooms [Holiday Inn Express][Stevenage ]
Circle Health Group - The Beardwood Hospital[Blackburn] Consulting Rooms [Holiday Inn Express][Dartford]
Circle Health Group - The Blackheath Hospital[London] Consulting Rooms [Holiday Inn Express}[Ilford]
Circle Health Group - The Cavell Hospital[Enfield] Consulting Rooms [Holiday Inn][Sevenoaks]
Circle Health Group - The Chaucer Hospital[Canterbury] Consulting Rooms [Ireland Wood Surgery][Leeds]
Circle Health Group - The Chiltern Hospital[Great Missenden] Consulting Rooms [K3 Dental][Leicester]
Circle Health Group - The Clementine Churchill Hospital[Harrow] Consulting Rooms [Keys Toft House][Skegness]
Circle Health Group - The Droitwich Spa Hospital[Droitwich Spa] Consulting Rooms [Kingswood, 75 The Avenue][Northampton]
Circle Health Group - The Duchy Hospital[Harrogate] Consulting Rooms [Kirkbrae House][Dunfermline]
Circle Health Group - The Edgbaston Hospital[Birmingham] Consulting Rooms [Lancaster House][Nottingham]
Circle Health Group - The Hampshire Clinic[Basingstoke] Consulting Rooms [Lansdown Lodge][Cheltenham]
Circle Health Group - The Harbour Hospital[Poole] Consulting Rooms [Lily House][London]
Circle Health Group - The Highfield Hospital[Rochdale] Consulting Rooms [Little Coneyhurst][Fleet]
Circle Health Group - The Huddersfield Hospital[Huddersfield] Consulting Rooms [Little Waddon House][Portesham]
Circle Health Group - The Kings Oak Hospital[Enfield] Consulting Rooms [Low Farm][Great Yarmouth]
Circle Health Group - The Lancaster Hospital[Lancaster] Consulting Rooms [Manor Cottage][Stebbing]
Circle Health Group - The Lincoln Hospital[Lincoln] Consulting Rooms [Mill Road Surgery][Colchester]
Circle Health Group - The London Independent Hospital[London] Consulting Rooms [Miller House][Bromsgrove]
Circle Health Group - The Manor Hospital[Bedford] Consulting Rooms [Minor Ops Ltd][Durham]
Circle Health Group - The Meriden Hospital[Coventry] Consulting Rooms [Oak Lodge Business Centre][Little Melton]
Circle Health Group - The Park Hospital[Nottingham] Consulting Rooms [Old Tuckers][Shaftesbury]
Circle Health Group - The Princess Margaret Hospital[Windsor] Consulting Rooms [One Harley Street][London]
Circle Health Group - The Priory Hospital[Birmingham] Consulting Rooms [One Victoria Square][Birmingham]
Circle Health Group - The Ridgeway Hospital[Swindon] Consulting Rooms [Orchard House][Winchester]
Circle Health Group - The Runnymede Hospital[Chertsey] Consulting Rooms [Parkshot House][Richmond]
Circle Health Group - The Saxon Clinic[Milton Keynes] Consulting Rooms [Peter House][Manchester]
Circle Health Group - The Shelburne Hospital[High Wycombe] Consulting Rooms [Plas Ffynnon Medical Centre][Oswestry]
Circle Health Group - The Sloane Hospital[Beckenham] Consulting Rooms [PO Box 10725, Newark][Newark]
Circle Health Group - The Winterbourne Hospital[Dorchester] Consulting Rooms [PO Box 30, Winchester][Winchester]
Circle Health Group - Thornbury Hospital[Sheffield] Consulting Rooms [PO Box 379, Northwood][London]
Circle Health Group - Three Shires Hospital[Northampton] Consulting Rooms [PO Box 443][Paignton]
Circle Health Group - Werndale Hospital[Carmarthen] Consulting Rooms [PO Box 47390][London]
Circle Health Group - Woodlands Hospital[Darlington] Consulting Rooms [PO Box 4887, Sheffield][Sheffield]
Circle Reading Hospital[Reading] Consulting Rooms [QuoPsych Ltd][Oldham ]
Cirencester Hospital[Cirencester] Consulting Rooms [Sanford House][King's Lynn]
Cirencester Hospital Outreach Clinic[Cirencester] Consulting Rooms [Savile Street][St Helier]
Cirencester Memorial Centre[Cirencester] Consulting Rooms [ScottHealth Ltd][Birmingham]
CISRAD[Birmingham] Consulting Rooms [Seagoe Hotel][Portadown]
City and County South Psychotherapy Service[Nottingham] Consulting Rooms [Shipley Medical Practice][Shipley]
City and Hackney CAMHS[London] Consulting Rooms [Shrewsbury House][London]
City and Hackney Centre for Mental Health[London] Consulting Rooms [St John's Court][Manchester]
City and Hackney Learning Disability Service[London] Consulting Rooms [Tadhurst][Bromley]
City and Hackney Older People's CMHT[London] Consulting Rooms [The Coach House, Exeter][Exeter]
City and Hackney Psychotherapy Department[London] Consulting Rooms [The Connal Building][Glasgow]
City and Hackney Rehabilitation and Recovery Team[London] Consulting Rooms [The Elms][St Albans]
City Dental[Sunderland] Consulting Rooms [The Grange][Nottingham]
City East Local Mental Health Team[Nottingham] Consulting Rooms [The House on Snow Hill][London]
City Healthcare Consulting[Nottingham] Consulting Rooms [The Women's Centre][Liverpool]
City Hospice[Cardiff] Consulting Rooms [Thornbrook Surgery][Chapel-En-Le-Frith]
City Looked After Children Team[Bulwell] Consulting Rooms [Unit 3, Park Hall Farm][Cheadle]
City North CMHT[Nottingham] Consulting Rooms [Wannock Place][Polegate]
City of London Medical Centre - Crosswall (HCA International)[London] Consulting Rooms [Wayside][Henley-On-Thames]
CJ HealthWorks Ltd[Slough] Consulting Rooms [Wellington Place][Leeds]
Clackmannanshire Community Healthcare Centre[Sauchie] Consulting Rooms [Wolverhampton][Wolverhampton]
Clacton & District Hospital[Clacton-on-Sea] Consulting Rooms [Wootton Cottage][Lybdhurst]
Clacton-On-Sea CMHT[Clacton-On-Sea] Consulting Rooms [Zenith Pyschology][Bishopsgate]
Claire House[Wigan] Consulting Rooms, The Avalon Community Centre, The[Glastonbury]
Clarence House[Penzance] Consulting Suite [44 Wimpole Street][London]
Clarendon Dental Spa[Leeds] Consulting Suite [82 Portland Place], The[London]
Clarendon House[Hull] Consulting Suite [The Croft][Sale]
Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, The[Liverpool] Convit House Pathology Ltd[Epping]
Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, The[Bebington] Conway House Dental Practice[High Wycombe]
Clatterbridge Hospital[Wirral] Cooden Medical Centre in Bexhill[Bexhill]
Clatterbridge Private Clinic, The[Wirral] Cookstown CMHT[Cookstown]
Claybrook Centre, The[Hammersmith] Coppergate Clinic[York]
Claydon Clinic, The[Chelmsford] Coral House[Shrewsbury]
Clerkin Consulting Rooms[Saltney] Coral Lodge[Doncaster]
Clevedon Hospital[Clevedon] Corbett Hospital[Stourbridge]
Cleveland Clinic[London] Corby CMHT[Corby]
Cleveland Clinic Portland Place Outpatient Centre[London] Core Medical Clinics[Wakefield]
Cleveland Fertility and Gynaecology Centre[Middlesbrough] Coriel Orthopaedic Group[Doncaster]
Clifton Dental Surgery[Bristol] Cornwall Learning Disabilities Service[Truro]
Clifton Dialysis Centre[Lytham St Annes] Coronation Hospital[Ilkley]
Clifton Down Dental Practice[Bristol] Cosmetic Medical and Dental Centre[Douglas]
Clifton Hospital[Lytham St Annes] Cossham Memorial Hospital[Bristol]
Clifton House[York] Cotswold Face and Body Cinic[Cheltenham]
Clifton Park Hospital (Ramsay Health Care UK Operations Ltd)[York] Cotswold Fertility Clinic[Cheltenham]
Clifton Women's Health at Clifton Physiotherapy[Bristol] Cotswold House Marlborough Eating Disorders Service[Marlborough]
Clifton Women's Health at The May Wellness Centre[Bristol] Cotswold Orthodontics[Cheltenham]
Clinic 334[Wilmslow] Countess Mountbatten House[Southampton]
Clinic at 78, The[Bournemouth] Countess of Brecknock Hospice, The[Andover]
Clinic, The[Twickenham] Countess of Chester Hospital[Chester]
Clinica London[London] County Clinic, The[Northampton]
Clinical Partners - Bournemouth Clinic[Bournemouth] County Hospital[Stafford]
Clinical Partners - Southampton Clinic[Southampton] County Hospital Louth[Louth]
Clitheroe Community Hospital[Clitheroe] County Hospital [Pontypool][Pontypool]
Clock House Alliance Imaging Centre[Epsom] County Hospital, Hereford[Hereford]
Clock House Medical Practice, The[Epsom] Cove, The[Morecambe]
Clock View Hospital[Liverpool] Covent Garden Dental Practice, The[London]
Clydesdale Resource Network CMHT[Lanark] Covent Garden Dental Spa, The[London]
CNWL Club Drug Clinic[London] Coventry and Rugby Perinatal Mental Health Team[Coventry]
CNWL National Problem Gambling Clinic[London] Coventry CAMHS[Coventry]
CNWL Occupational Health Service[London] Coventry Integrated Sexual Health Service[Coventry]
Coach House Health Care[Cambridge] Coventry Myton Hospice[Coventry]
Coalville Community Hospital[Coalville] Covercroft Centre[Droitwich]
Coast Resource Centre[Weston-super-Mare] Coxheath Centre, The[Maidstone]
Coathill Hospital[Coatbridge] Coyne Medical[London]
Cobalt Health[Cheltenham] CPPS[Leatherhead]
Cobalt Hospital (Ramsay Health Care UK Operations Ltd)[Newcastle upon Tyne] Craig Clinic[London]
Cobham Clinic [Luton & Dunstable Hospital][Luton] Craigavon and Bainbridge CAMHS[Portadown]
Cobham Day Surgery - Epsom Medical[Cobham] Craigavon Area Hospital[Craigavon]
Coborn Centre for Adolescent Mental Health, The[London] Cranleigh Village Community Hospital[Cranleigh]
Coed Du Hall Independent Hospital[Rhydymwyn] Cranmore Medical[Belfast]
Cognacity[London] Cransley Hospice[Kettering]
Coity Clinic - Adult Mental Health Unit[Bridgend] Craven Centre, The[Skipton]
Colchester CMHT[Colchester] Crawley CMHT[Crawley]
Colchester Hospital[Colchester] Crawley Hospital[Crawley]
Coleman House[Dover] Crescent Consulting Rooms[Nottingham]
Colliers Court[Cinderford] Crewe CAMHS[Crewe]
Colman Hospital[Norwich] Crewkerne Hospital[Crewkerne]
Colne Clinic, The[Staines] Crichton Royal Hospital[Dumfries]
Colne Health Centre[Colne] Croft Child and Family Unit, The[Cambridge]
Colwyn Bay Community Hospital[Colwyn Bay] Cromer Hospital[Cromer]
Combat Stress[Ayr] Cromwell Hospital[London]
Combat Stress[Leatherhead] Cromwell Road Primary Care Centre[Grimsby]
Community Assessment and Therapy Services (CATS)[Norwich] Cross Lane Hospital[Scarborough]
Community Child Health Solent East[Fareham] Crowborough War Memorial Hospital[Crowborough]
Community Children's Services[Norwich] Crown House[Birmingham]
Community Dental Service[Cwmbran] Crown Lane Clinic[London]
Community Drug & Alcohol Services[Rhyl] Croydon CMHT[London]
Community Drug and Alcohol Team[Bradford] Croydon Memory Service[London]
Community Forensic Outreach Team[Worthing] Croydon Mental Health Liaison Service[Croydon]
Community Mental Health Service[St Helier] Croydon Older Adults Liaison Service[Croydon]
Community Paediatric Department[Sheffield] Croydon University Hospital[Croydon]
Community Paediatric Department[Telford] CRP Clinic[Epsom]
Community Paediatric Department[Leeds] CRP Clinic[London]
Community Paediatric Service - Universal Square[Manchester] Crystal Centre, The[Chelmsford]
Community Paediatrician Service[Chelmsford] CTC Physiotherapy[Crewe]
Community Paediatrics[Aylesbury] Cumberland House[Blackpool]
Community Team for Adults with a Learning Disability (CTALD)[Milton Keynes] Cumberland Infirmary[Carlisle]
Community Team for People with a Learning Disability[York] Cumbrian Clinic [West Cumberland Hospital], The[Whitehaven]
Complete Fertility Centre Southampton[Southampton] Custom Vision Clinic[Wetherby]
Compton Care[Wolverhampton] CVS Health Ashford[Ashford - Kent]
Concept Fertility Clinic[London] CVS Health Eastbourne[Eastbourne]
Concord Medical Centre[Bristol] Cygnet Brunel Hospital[Bristol]
Conference Rooms Premier Inn[King's Lynn] Cygnet Hospital at Wyke[Bradford]
Conference Rooms Premier Inn[Chelmsford] Cygnet Hospital Beckton[London]
Confident Orthodontics[Taunton] Cygnet Hospital Bierley[Bradford]
Congleton War Memorial Hospital[Congleton] Cygnet Hospital Bury[Bury]
Conifer Sexual and Reproductive Health Services[Hull] Cygnet Hospital Derby[Derby]
Conquest Hospital[Hastings] Cygnet Hospital Ealing[London]
Consortium Chartered Physiotherapists[Hull] Cygnet Hospital Godden Green[Sevenoaks]
Consultant Suite [Sunderland Eye Infirmary][Sunderland] Cygnet Hospital Harrogate[Harrogate]
Consulting Rooms 38 Ltd [38 Harborne Road][Birmingham] Cygnet Hospital Harrow[Harrow]
Consulting Rooms [1 Brackenwood Lane][Belfast] Cygnet Hospital Kewstoke[Weston-super-Mare]
Consulting Rooms [1 Glovers Yard][Brighton] Cygnet Hospital Maidstone[Maidstone]
Consulting Rooms [1 Neates Yard][Marlborough] Cygnet Hospital Sheffield[Sheffield]
Consulting Rooms [1 Orkney Court][Taplow] Cygnet Lodge Lewisham[London]
Consulting Rooms [1 Street House][Bromley] Cygnet Lodge Salford[Salford]
Consulting Rooms [1 The Pavilions][Crawley] Cygnet Wing Blackheath[London]
Consulting Rooms [1 The Quadrant][Exeter] Cyncoed Consulting Rooms[Cardiff]
Consulting Rooms [10 Boundary Drive][Wakefield] Cynthia Spencer Hospice[Northampton]

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