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Phrase Consultant CV Town Special Interests
acoustic neuroma *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Neuro-oncology, lung cancer, glioma, meningioma, stereotactic radiotherapy and radiosurgery, acoustic neuroma, glioblastoma
acoustic neuroma *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Hearing, balance and dizziness, facial nerve disorders, acoustic neuroma, skull base tumours, Meniere's disease, laryngeal dystonia, voice disorders, neuro-otology
acoustic neuroma *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Skull base surgery, acoustic neuroma, trigeminal neuralgia, hemifacial spasm, spinal cord surgery, syringomyelia, degenerative spinal disease
Acoustic neuroma *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Acoustic neuroma, trigeminal neuralgia, spinal degenerative disease, spinal injury, head injury, cerebral aneurysms
acoustic neuroma *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Complex spinal disease, pituitary tumours, acoustic neuroma, neurofibromatosis, endoscopic skull base surgery
acoustic neuroma surgery *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Spinal surgery, vascular surgery, skull base surgery, acoustic neuroma surgery
acoustic neuroma surgery *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Otology and balance disorders, middle ear disease, acoustic neuroma surgery
acoustic neuroma surgery *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Spinal surgery, disc replacement in the cervical spine, skull base tumours, pituitary surgery, acoustic neuroma surgery, endoscopic techniques, surgical management of cervical radiculopathy and myelopathy
cryosurgery for neuroma *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Sports medicine, biomechanics, gait analysis, foot surgery/podiatric surgery, cryosurgery for neuroma
Morton's neuroma *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Foot and ankle surgery, Achilles tendon, plantar fasciitis, bunion and hallux valgus, Morton's neuroma, ankle fracture, ankle arthritis, flat foot, tibialis posterior tendon problem, arthritis of great toe - hallux rigidus, shock wave therapy
Morton's neuroma *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Foot and ankle surgery, knee surgery, Morton's neuroma, bunion surgery, arthroscopic ankle surgery, ankle stabilisation surgery, achilles tendon surgery, ankle and foot arthritis surgery
Morton's neuroma *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Foot and ankle surgery, Morton's neuroma, bunion surgery, arthroscopy
Morton's neuroma *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Orthopaedic and trauma surgery, knee surgery, sports injuries, Morton's neuroma, bunion surgery
Morton's neuroma *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Podiatric surgery, corrective foot surgery, biomechanics, gait analysis, flat foot, nail surgery, diabetic foot care, orthotics, diabetic foot ulcers, joint replacements in the feet, Morton's neuroma, hallux valgus
Morton's neuroma *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Foot and ankle disorders, total ankle replacement, ankle instability, heel pain, Morton's neuroma, sports injuries
Morton's neuroma *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Foot and ankle surgery, sports injury to the ankle, plantar fasciitis, bunion surgery, achilles tendon problems, ankle fractures/sprains, Morton's neuroma
Morton's neuroma excision *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Bunion surgery, Morton's neuroma excision, ingrown toenail surgery, ganglion treatment, joint injections, foot surgery, sports injuries, biomechanics, gait analysis, orthoses
neuroma *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Bunions, hammer toes, neuroma, sports injuries and trauma, shockwave therapy, minimally invasive surgery, foot and ankle surgery including tendon repair/transfer, fusion, replacement surgery
neuroma surgery *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Podiatric surgery, biomechanics, hallux valgus, hammer toes, neuroma surgery, forefoot reconstruction, arthritic toe joint replacement, Cartiva implant
neuroma surgery *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Foot and ankle surgery, neuroma surgery, sports injuries, plantar fasciopathy, bunion correction
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