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PhraseConsultantTownSpecial Interests
female hormonal problems
*Towns*Male infertility, HRT - hormone replacement therapy, polycystic ovary syndrome - PCOS, female infertility, vaginal prolapse, heavy periods - menstrual disorders, female hormonal problems, pelvic pain, hysteroscopy, laparoscopy and laparoscopic surgery, fibroids, ovarian cysts
growth and pubertal problems
*Towns*Paediatric and adolescent diabetes, endocrinology, childhood infections, growth and pubertal problems
Memory problems
*Towns*Memory problems, young onset dementia, epilepsy, cognitive function dementia
perineal and bladder problems
*Towns*Urogynaecology, labiaplasty, perineal and bladder problems, prolapse, painful intercourse, menstrual disorders, pelvic, vaginal and/or vulval pain
Swallowing problems
*Towns*Swallowing problems, thyroid surgery, head and neck pathology, FEES - fibreoptic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing, FESS - functional endoscopic sinus surgery, TNFLO - transnasal flexible laryngo-oesophagoscopy, allergic rhinitis
swallowing problems
*Towns*Anorectal disorders, dysphagia, IBS - irritable bowel syndrome, swallowing problems, neurogastroenterology and motility, constipation, feeding tubes
whiplash injuries and cervical problems
*Towns*Upper limb surgery, hand surgery, sports injuries, trauma and general orthopaedics, whiplash injuries and cervical problems, arthroscopic and reconstructive surgery, general orthopaedics, reconstructive surgery including reverse and anatomical shoulder replacement, total elbow replacement, carpometacarpal joint, PIPJt and MCPJt replacement, upper limb - reverse total shoulder replacement, elbow replacement, wrist arthrodesis, trauma surgery and upper limb trauma, arthroscopic sports surgery - upper and lower limb
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