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PhraseConsultantTownSpecial Interests
cardiac output monitoring in major surgery
*Towns*Intensive care, clotting, bleeding, haemorrhage and anaemia management, optimisation of surgical patients, anaesthesia for major surgery, vascular access for cancer, cardio pulmonary exercise testing, iron deficiency anaemia, cardiac output monitoring in major surgery
cerebral function monitoring
*Towns*Neuroimaging in the newborn, total body cooling in the newborn, cerebral function monitoring
Depth of anaesthesia monitoring
*Towns*Depth of anaesthesia monitoring
fetal monitoring
*Towns*Subspecialty accreditation in fetal medicine, obstetric ultrasound, intrapartum care, fetal monitoring, prenatal diagnosis, caesarean section
labour and fetal monitoring
*Towns*Bacterial vaginosis, preterm delivery, miscarriage in late pregnancy, chronic thrush, labour and fetal monitoring, general and high risk obstetrics, medico-legal CTGs and labour
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