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PhraseConsultantTownSpecial Interests
Cerebral visual impairment
*Towns*Cerebral visual impairment, neuro-ophthalmology, paediatric ophthalmology, ocular motility, optic nerve disorders, craniofacial disorders of children, unexplained visual loss, non-accidental head injury, visual abnormalities following congenital or acquired brain injury, assessment of children with multiple disability, paediatric cataract
cognitive impairment
*Towns*Depression, cognitive impairment, dementia
Cognitive impairment after stroke
*Towns*Cognitive impairment after stroke, imaging correlates of delirium
dementia/cognitive impairment
*Towns*Motor neurone disease, dementia/cognitive impairment, Parkinson's disease, movement disorder, dystonia
Dementia/cognitive impairment
*Towns*Dementia/cognitive impairment, falls, hypertension in the elderly
Hearing impairment
*Towns*Hearing impairment, tinnitus, vertigo
mild cognitive impairment
*Towns*Dementia, obsessive compulsive disorder - OCD, mood disorders, general adult psychiatry, mild cognitive impairment
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