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Phrase GP Name Town GPs' Full Special Interests
Aesthetic treatments including soft surgical procedures
Aesthetic treatments including soft surgical procedures, Occupational medicine, Corporate medicals, Minor skin surgery, FEW-Associate
Medico-legal work (including soft tissue injuries to the neck and back)
Medico-legal work (including soft tissue injuries to the neck and back), Clinical commissioning, FEW-Associate
Soft tissue diseases
Stoke on Trent
Health informatics, Soft tissue diseases, Joint disease, Genito-urinary medicine
Soft tissue injuries
Medico-legal work, Rehabilitation medicine, Soft tissue injuries, Orthopaedics, Dermatology, FEW-Associate
Soft tissue injury
Ethnic minority health, Manipulative medicine, Rheumatology, Drug dependency, Soft tissue injury, Medical education
Soft Tissue Injury
Medico-legal work, Soft Tissue Injury, Whiplash, Small Bone Fractures, Acupuncture, Sexual Health, FEW-Member

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