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Here at SpecialistInfo we have taken on board feedback from our users and as a result we have created a new search facility on the database. You can now search quickly and easily by:
- GP Name
- Practice Name
- Town
- Location (postcode and distance)
GP NAME (and optional TOWN)
With this option you can search for GPs by surname.  For example if you type in Moss and click on the search tick, this will display a table of all GPs with the surname Moss.   You can narrow the search down if you know the first name or initial of the GP.   You can narrow the search even further if you know the Town of the GP that you are trying to locate.   For example, type in Jones in the surname field and enter Birmingham in the Town field and then click on the search tick.

Each of these searches will lead you to a results table of names that fit your search criteria.  You can then click on the GP name and it will take you to their practice profile page.

NB You cannot just type in a town and click on the search tick.  You must also select either a surname, or a first name/initial.

This allows you to find all the Practices with the name entered or all the Practices in the Town entered.  To narrow the search down, you can enter the Practice name (or part of it) and the Town. Then click on an individual Practice in the results to be taken to the full Practice profile page.

The GP and Practice locator box enables you to find a GP or PRACTICE within a certain distance of a postcode.   For example, if you need to locate a GP within 15 miles of your postcode, you can enter your postcode (or just the first part), then enter 15 in the Distance field and click the search tick. It will then display a table of GPs or Practices and you can click on the individual results to go to the relevant profile page.

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