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"Your site is an excellent resource which I use frequently. Keep up the good work." GP, Kent

"I find it invaluable for sourcing both GPs and Hospital Consultants." Medical Secretary, Scotland

"I think the site is very good and I use it a lot and have spread the word to my GP Partners." GP, Croydon

"I must say, I think your website is enormously helpful to everybody and I hope it goes from strength to strength." Consultant Endocrinologist, Cromwell Hospital, London

"I find your site invaluable." Consultant Nephrologist, Churchill Hospital, Oxford

"Hardly a working day goes by where we don't log on for some purpose, be it local GP practice postcodes or telephone numbers, or searching a specialist in paediatric cardiothoracic medicine who practices privately in Manchester - the range of information which you hold must be truly unique." Practice Manager, Gloucestershire

"We are a solicitors firm - specialising in Clinical Negligence and Personal Injury and find this an invaluable database to locate both defendants and medico-legal experts. Also all too often our clients can tell us the name of their GP but not the address and this database gives us speedy access to full and correct information." Walker Smith Way Solicitors

"SpecialistInfo is a powerful tool when sourcing Healthcare Professionals. Quick and simple to use, SpecialistInfo consistently provides comprehensive and accurate information." 4Sight RSD Ltd

"Accuro have been using now for a number of years and find the service invaluable. The website is easy and simple to use and the team are always happy to help if we experience any difficulties. The level of information and detail is second to none and Accuro find the website a very useful resource." Digital Dictation and Transcription Company

"I have really enjoyed working with SpecialistInfo over the past 5 years, the team are great to work with and are brilliant at helping us out and communicating." Health Recruitment Company

"Their approach to customer service is outstanding and the flexibility of data outputs they provide have been extremely valuable in helping us support our own clients needs. Superb service I'd recommend." Innovative Edge

"We find your database a great asset to our business. The database is well organised, simple to use and kept up to date." In House Research

"We find SpecialistInfo invaluable for contact information." Cook Medical

"This brilliantly presented site is an invaluable aid in finding reliable information which helps us advise patients on the most appropriate specialist for them." Action Against Allergy

"It has proven to be a very useful tool - invaluable." Microsulis

"The most useful aspect is that some of the experts have their CVs which can be printed directly which can be useful when agreeing experts between parties as it obviates the necessity to contact the expert direct and await a copy of the CV." Law Firm

"An invaluable reference source. We couldn't do without it." Orthopaedic Implants

"I have subscribed to for about six years now. The site is extremely comprehensive with several additional features being added each year. Navigation is intuitive and the information I am looking for can more often than not be arrived at from several directions which can add significantly to the end result. The cost is well balanced and offers excellent value. I do get regular approaches from companies offering a variety of databases of various categories of clinical personnel but on inspection, they are more often than not incomplete, out of date and badly in need of data cleansing which is why I have little hesitation in renewing my membership of SpecialistInfo each year." Autonomed

"We find SpecialistInfo very comprehensive and easy to use. Any questions that we have had have always been resolved quickly and courteously and we would recommend them to anyone needing this type of information all in one place." Acorns Children's Hospice

"Thank you once again for coming to the rescue - my Consultant thinks I'm a font of all knowledge - he doesn't know how much I rely on your website." Consultant's Secretary