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SpecialistInfo has been providing a complete and comprehensive online directory of UK and Ireland Consultants, Hospitals, UK GPs, GP Surgeries, Practice Managers and Clinical Commissioning Groups for over 20 years now. We have a team of Editors who update the information (100,000 + contacts) on a daily basis in order to keep the information as accurate and up to date as possible for our users.

You can have access to the online directory by subscribing for 12 months. Here you will find the following information:

Consultants & Hospitals

  • Consultant Specialties and Special Interests
  • Email Addresses
  • NHS and Private Hospital & Clinic Addresses, telephone and secretary contact details
  • GMC number, qualifications including year and place of qualification
  • NHS and Private Hospitals and NHS Trusts
  • Consultants who have carried out or are interested in carrying out Clinical Trials (over 15,000 doctors)
  • Consultants who are deemed to be of Key Opinion Leader status
  • 1,000 Clinical Trial CVs

GPs & Surgeries

  • Surgery name, address, telephone
  • GP special interests
  • Practice Manager email addresses
  • GMC number, qualifications including year and place of qualification
  • Patient List Size
  • Dispensing Surgeries
  • Pharmacists and Nurse Practitioners / Prescribing Nurses
  • CCG name, address, tel, email
  • Purchasing Directors, Clinical Leads, Management Leads, Chief Executives, Finance Directors
  • Primary Care Network (PCN) name

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