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Medico-Legal Magazine - Issue 5

Date issued: 2017-07-01

Medico-Legal Magazine Issue 5 Contents:

Welcome to the fifth issue of the Medico-Legal Magazine, produced by SpecialistInfo and publishing partner Iconic Media Solutions Ltd.

We certainly had a turbulent few weeks since the last issue, with the triggering of Article 50 and a hung parliament likely to impact on future legislation in this sector. The Queen’s speech in June announced the new Civil Liability Bill and Patient Safety Bill, which survived the Conservative’s manifesto cull (see our ‘News’ article for further information and links). In this issue we present topical articles, including the options for healthcare messaging, once the new European data regulations (GDPR) come into force next spring; the perceived risks of DNA technology in healthcare for medical insurers; and the work of the Centre for Health and Public Interest (CHPI) in raising concerns over the safety of patients in private hospitals. We hear about the work of the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO), including advice on how healthcare professionals should deal with patient complaints; and a personal injury lawyer offers suggestions for experts on how best to conduct claimant interviews. We are also pleased to include articles on the most common medicolegal issues in the Gynaecology and Maxillofacial Surgery specialties.

Once again, the magazine will be circulated to up to 40,000 people in the industry, including doctors, insurance companies, law firms and medico-legal agencies. It is published on the Medico-Legal Section of the website, and printed copies can be ordered from Iconic.

Specialistinfo maintains a database of contact details for up to 90,000 UK consultants and GPs, including approximately 11,000 consultants and GPs who undertake medico-legal work. We also provide Medico-Legal courses for expert witnesses and promote the members of the Faculty of Expert Witnesses (the FEW).

We welcome feedback from our readers, so please contact us with any suggestions for areas you would like to see covered in future issues, or share your news and experiences with us. Lisa Cheyne
Medico-Legal Magazine
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Pg6 SpecialistInfo Medico-Legal Courses By Lisa Cheyne

Pg8 Facilitate Expert Solutions Takes the Stress Out of Running Your Business By Claire Labio

Pg10 Medico Legal Agencies: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. How to Choose? By Ben Elsom

Pg12 About the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman By Dr Paul Gray

Pg14 Update in Selected Gynaecology Medico-Legal Aspects By Mr Ellis Downes

Pg16 G(e)nomes and Trolls – DNA Sequencing and Future Risk By Greg McEwen

Pg19 Common Medico-Legal Issues in Facial Trauma (Part one) By Mr Michael Perry

Pg22 Claimant Interview Tips for Experts By Andrew Gray

Pg24 Short term pain from new European Data Regulations will Lead to Long Term Gain in Digital Health By James Flint & Neville Dastur

Pg26 Common Areas of Litigation in Gynaecology By Mr Joseph Aquilina

Pg29 SpecialistInfo Medico-Legal News By Lisa Cheyne

Pg32 Liability and Accountability in Private Hospitals – a Precondition for Patient Safety. By Colin Leys