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Medico-Legal Magazine - Issue 20

Date issued: 2022-07-01

Medico-Legal Magazine Issue 20 Contents:

Welcome to Issue 20 of the Medico-Legal Magazine, produced by SpecialistInfo and publishing partner Iconic Media Solutions Ltd.

This summer issue of 2022 coincides with the Medico-Legal Conference on 28th June and includes articles from more of the confirmed speakers and exhibitors from the Conference:

Clare Stapleton, Medicolegal Consultant, Medical Protection, discusses how best to assist the Coroner when involved in an Inquest as a medical professional; and Flora McCabe, Head of Advocacy and Risk Management Healthcare, Lockton LLP, shares her insight on the conduct expected from an expert witness in a recent case report; and Brian Westbury, Academic Lead, Royal College of Physicians and Dentolegal Consultant, shares his expertise in dental practice and responsibility for dental claims.

Also in this issue, Georgina Parkin, Personal Injury Lawyer and Managing Director at TruthLegal, Harrogate, summarises her top tips for medical expert witnesses; Finally, Derek P Auchie, Professor and Chair in Dispute Process Law, University of Aberdeen; Solicitor and Tribunal Chair, shares his experience of using and teaching alternative dispute resolution effectively.

Once again, the magazine will be circulated to up to 40,000 people in the industry, including doctors, insurance companies, law firms and medico-legal agencies. It now has a dedicated page on the Medico-Legal Section of the website, where all the back issues can be viewed, and printed copies can be ordered from Iconic. Specialistinfo maintains a database of contact details for up to 90,000 UK consultants and GPs, including approximately 11,000 consultants and GPs who undertake medico-legal work. We also provide Medico-Legal courses for expert witnesses and promote the members of the Faculty of Expert Witnesses (the FEW).

We welcome feedback from our readers, so please contact us with any suggestions for areas you would like to see covered in future issues or share your news and experiences with us.
Lisa Cheyne
Medico-Legal Magazine
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Pg 6 SpecialistInfo Medico-Legal Courses 2022 By Lisa Cheyne

Pg 8 Dental Practice and Responsibility for Claims By Brian Westbury

Pg10 Reflections on Dispute Resolution: Mediation and Education By Professor Derek P Auchie

Pg 12 Eight Top Tips for Medico-Legal Experts By Georgina Parkin

Pg 14 Assisting the Coroner - Understanding the Inquest Process and Potential Outcomes. By Dr Clare Stapleton

Pg 18 Pickering v Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust: Where Expert Witnesses Make All the Difference By Flora McCabe

Pg 23 Medico-Legal News By Lisa Cheyne