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Medico-Legal Magazine - Issue 2

Date issued: 2016-08-01

Medico-Legal Magazine Issue 2 Contents:

Welcome to the second issue of the Medico-Legal Magazine, produced by SpecialistInfo and publishing partner Iconic Media Solutions Ltd.

Building on the very positive reaction to our inaugural issue, we present articles covering whistleblowing in the NHS, tests for mental capacity, and a landmark recent case study on the division of responsibility when more than one doctor is negligent. From the medical point of view, we include excellent summaries on the implications of evidence in the vital areas of microbiology and endocrinology. You will also find a follow-up article on VAT liabilities for expert witnesses, as well as the second part to the medico-legal overview on vascular surgery.

Once again, the magazine will be circulated to up to 40,000 people in the industry, including doctors, insurance companies, law firms and medico-legal agencies. It is published on the Medico-Legal Section of the website, and printed copies can be ordered from Iconic.

Specialistinfo maintains a database of contact details for up to 90,000 UK consultants and GPs, including approximately 11,000 consultants and GPs who undertake medico-legal work. We also provide Medico-Legal courses for expert witnesses and promote the members of the Faculty of Expert Witnesses (the FEW).

We welcome feedback from our readers, so please contact us with any suggestions for areas you would like to see covered in future issues, or share your news and experiences with us.
Lisa Cheyne
Medico-Legal Magazine
t: +44 (0)1423 727 721

Pg6 SpecialistInfo Medico-Legal Services Lisa Cheyne

Pg8 SRA Proposed Change to the Definition of What is Client Money. Who Benefits? Ben Elsom

Pg10 Vascular Surgery – A Medico-Legal Overview Part II Mr Michael Gaunt

Pg12 Interview with an Expert Witness Mr Aruni Sen

Pg14 An Infinite Capacity for Courting Disaster – the Mental Capacity Act Jonathan Dingle

Pg17 Medico-Legal VAT Liabilities – Further Details to Explore the Correct VAT Liability John H Barnes

Pg20 Endocrine Aspects of the Traumatic Brain Injury: Medico-Legal Implications Professor Gordana Prelevic

Pg22 Litigation Culture Under the Microscope Dr Robert Baker

Pg25 Prognosis of Chronic Whiplash – is the Evidence Convincing? Mr Sunil Garg

Pg27 Whistleblowing in the Healthcare Sector Juliette Mellman-Jones & Judith Davison

Pg29 A New Approach to Causation in Clinical Negligence Claims Judith Kelbie