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Medico-Legal Magazine - Issue 10

Date issued: 2018-12-01

Medico-Legal Magazine Issue 10 Contents:

Welcome to the tenth issue of the Medico-Legal Magazine, produced by SpecialistInfo and publishing partner Iconic Media Solutions Ltd.

In this final issue of 2018, we focus on the unthinkable experience for all doctors - facing litigation themselves. Ophthalmologist and expert witness, Mr Amar Alwitry, describes how his specialty is working with NHS Resolution to develop a scheme which can learn from litigation to reduce common incidents of avoidable harm. Barrister and Mediator, Jonathan Dingle, focusses on the growing use of mediation in medical negligence cases. He demystifies the process and explains why clinicians can make excellent mediators. We are also pleased to include an article by Dr Edwin Rajaduria of Servca, who summarises the different types of indemnity insurance available for doctors and medical expert witnesses. Bernard Ross of Sky Medical Technology, explores how med-tech companies can work directly with the NHS as part of the “Five Year Forward View” to improve patient care by harnessing technology and innovation. Enable Law Legal Director, Laurence Vick, comments on the recent landmark judicial review decision in the case between the pharmaceutical industry and various UK Trusts, which should allow the use of the affordable drug Avastin for wet age-related macular degeneration in the UK.

Once again, the magazine will be circulated to up to 40,000 people in the industry, including doctors, insurance companies, law firms and medico-legal agencies. It is published on the Medico-Legal Section of the website, and printed copies can be ordered from Iconic.

Specialistinfo maintains a database of contact details for up to 90,000 UK consultants and GPs, including approximately 11,000 consultants and GPs who undertake medico-legal work. We also provide Medico-Legal courses for expert witnesses and promote the members of the Faculty of Expert Witnesses (the FEW).

We welcome feedback from our readers, so please contact us with any suggestions for areas you would like to see covered in future issues, or share your news and experiences with us.
Lisa Cheyne
Medico-Legal Magazine
t: +44 (0)1423 727 721

Pg6 SpecialistInfo Medico-Legal Courses Lisa Cheyne

Pg8 What is Medical Indemnity & who needs it? By Dr Edwin Rajadurai

Pg11 Changing Minds – Mediation in Healthcare By Jonathan Dingle

Pg15 Learning from Litigation – a Missed Opportunity By Mr Amar Alwitry

Pg21 CCG policy on prescribing Avastin for wet AMD not unlawful (Bayer plc v NHS Darlington CCG; Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd v NHS Darlington CCG) By Laurence Vick

Pg24 Clinical partnerships: A lifeline for the national health service? By Bernard Ross

Pg27 Medico-Legal News By Lisa Cheyne