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NEWS | February 2023

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Information About The Faculty of Expert Witnesses (FEW)

Did you know that the SpecialistInfo Faculty of Expert Witnesses (the FEW) Panel promotes high quality Medico-Legal expertise to subscribing law firms and insurance companies?

Unlike other panels, membership is FREE for doctors.

To ensure our doctors understand their role as an expert witness and can provide quality reports our highest-level doctors (Fellows) have agreed to:

  • Have undertaken appropriate Medico-Legal training and agreed to undertake refresher training every 3 years so that they are consistently up to date with all the latest rules and procedures
  • Have confirmed their agreement to adhere to specified standards of good practice covering compliance, availability and service by signing a Code of Good Practice
  • Have satisfied SpecialistInfo's Lawyers as to the quality of his or her reports by submitting an anonymised sample report for review, including presentation and compliance with Civil Procedure Rules
  • Have their Medico-Legal CV listed on SpecialistInfo

SpecialistInfo is one of the original providers of accredited CPD training for Doctors who want to become expert witnesses and has the most comprehensive database of Medico-legal Consultants (7,000+) and GPs (2,000+).

Find out more: SpecialistInfo - Faculty of Expert Witnesses Panel

For further information, please contact: Lisa Cheyne - - 01423 787 984