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“They Deserve a Medal” - Covid Star Awarded to Thousands

Written by Katy Walters, 8th December 2021

Thousands of NHS employees and volunteers, including Cambridge University Hospitals Trust, Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals Trust, Hampshire Hospice and many more, are to be awarded the Covid Star.

This medal is in recognition of the courage, dedication and kindness displayed by Frontline Workers during the Covid 19 Pandemic.


The Covid Star designed and signed by creator Harry Gray, from

The Designer

The Covid Star was designed by Cambridge-based artist, Harry Gray, who was inspired by the professionalism and care he received from the NHS Team during his stay in hospital in March 2020.

Harry often heard patients talking about hospital staff saying “they deserve a medal”. So he took it upon himself to commission one.

The design of the Covid Star pays homage to the Nightingale Badge of St Thomas’s and St John’s Ambulance, which both use the ancient motif of the Maltese Cross. As a contemporary artist, Harry’s design also incorporates the shape of the Coronavirus molecule, with it’s recognisable spikes.

Hand Crafted with Care in the UK

Each cross is beautifully hand crafted in Birmingham by Thomas Fattorini Ltd, who hold royal warrant to craft insignia and honours for Her Majesty the Queen.

The influx of orders for this medal has created job opportunities for skilled jewellers and apprentices to keep up with the high demand of these exquisite medals. A welcome lift for the industry after the economic pressure caused by the Pandemic.

For more information about commissioning the Covid Star contact Harry via email -