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Raa-Rag     Rah-Raj     Rak-Ram     Ran-Rao     Rap-Rat     Rau-Ray     Raz-Red     Ree-Reh     Rei-Ren     Rep-Ric     Rid-Rit     Riv-Rob     Roc-Rog     Roh-Ros     Rot-Roy    Roz-Rus     Rut-Ryt    
Dr Alan P RotchfordMr Thomas A RoutledgeMr Gareth RowlandsDr Dipak K Roy
Dr Lucy RothProfessor Philip A Routledge OBEDr Gareth L RowlandsDr Dipayan Roy
Dr Tammy M RothenbergMr Jacques W T RouxDr Jennifer L RowlandsDr Leena Roy
Mr Dominique A RothenfluhDr Rene L RouxDr Martin RowlandsMr Niloy Roy
Dr Edward A RotheraDr Stephen A RowanDr Mary H RowlandsDr Nithin Roy
Mr Michael P RotheraMr Carl RowbothamDr Michael W D RowlandsMiss Pankaj G Roy
Mr Neil RothnieDr Emma L RowbothamDr Peter RowlandsDr Peeyush Roy
Dr C Ian RothwellDr Simon J RowbottomDr Rachel J RowlandsDr Rahul Roy
Dr Kate RothwellMr Edward W J RoweDr Robert Paul RowlandsDr Rajarshi Roy
Dr Michael P RothwellDr Gillian M RoweMr Timothy E RowlandsDr Ranadip Roy
Dr Nicola L RothwellDr James B RoweDr Emma S T RowlandsonDr Reena M Roy
Professor Peter M RothwellMr Jeremy G RoweMr John M RowlesDr Ruby Roy
Dr Olorunda RotimiDr Katherine J RoweDr Christine RowleyMr Siten S Roy
Dr Sade O RotimiDr Peter A RoweDr Kathryn H M RowleyMr Somen N Roy
Dr Giuseppina RotirotiDr Renarta L RoweMr Steven A RowleyDr Sonia L Roy
Dr Giles T RottenbergDr Stephen J RoweDr Joanna S RowlinsonMr Stuart Roy
Ms Adriana RotundoDr Steven D RoweDr David A RowneyDr Sudipta Roy
Dr Candice RoufosseDr Susan RoweDr Clare J RowntreeDr Susmit Roy
Dr Catherine A RoughleyMr Julian Rowe-JonesMr Mark C RowsellDr T Matthew A Roy
Mr Yousef RouhanimaneshDr Nicholas P RowellDr Mary A RowsellDr Ronja Roy Chaudhury
Mr Nick RouholaminDr Victoria L RowellMr John E RowsonMr Joy Roy Chowdhury
Dr Catherine RoulsonDr Matthew RowettMr Neil RowsonDr Samrat Roy Chowdhury
Dr Jo-An RoulsonDr Andrew RowlandDr Ioannis RoxanisDr Jennifer E Royds
Dr Jonathan E C RoundMr David J RowlandMr James RoxburghDr Matthew T Royds
Dr Sarah E RoundDr Edward RowlandDr Alistair I RoyDr Collin Royed
Dr Catherine A RourkeDr Emma RowlandDr Amit Roy Dr Rebecca R Roylance
Mr Kevin H RourkeMr James S RowlandDr Amitava RoyMr Gavin T Royle
Dr Brian A RousDr Jeremy P RowlandDr Amy E F RoyMiss Justine S Royle
Dr Elizabeth M RousDr Chris Rowland HillDr Anu RoyDr Martin J Royle
Dr Rachel H RouseProfessor Sarah L Rowland-JonesDr Arpita RoyMr Stephen G Royle
Mr Hossam RoushdiDr Christopher M E Rowland-PayneDr Ashok Roy Dr Chandrika S Roysam
Mr Ibrahim RoushdiDr Alan J RowlandsDr Bappa RoyMr Gorur S Roysam
Dr Guy RousseauMrs Alison RowlandsMr Bibhas RoyDr Daniel J Royston
Dr Isabelle RoussinMr Andrew B RowlandsMiss Chandrima RoyDr Robin Royston
Dr Euthalia RoussouDr D Ann RowlandsDr Debashis RoyMr Simon L Royston
Dr Charlotte E RouthDr David E RowlandsDr Debashis Roy
Dr Helen C RoutledgeMr David J Rowlands

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