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Phrase Consultant CV Town Special Interests
adolescent diabetes *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Diabetic renal disease, hypertension, adolescent diabetes, all aspect of endocrinology, all general medicine, general diabetes
adolescent diabetes *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Endocrinology, general diabetes, intensive diabetes, adolescent diabetes, thyroid disease, metabolic bone disease, pituitary adrenal disease
all aspects of diabetes *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* General medicine, all aspects of diabetes, type 2 diabetes
antenatal diabetes *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* General diabetes, lipid abnormalities, antenatal diabetes, general medicine
asian diabetes *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Diabetes and endocrinology and lipids, diabetes treatments, polycystic ovarian syndrome, thyroid disorders, asian diabetes
calcium disorders and diabetes *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Endocrinology, diabetes, pituitary disease, thyroid disease, endocrine disorders of the testes and ovaries, calcium disorders and diabetes, adrenal disorders
cardiovascular risk in type 2 diabetes *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Diabetes, cardiovascular risk in type 2 diabetes
detection of depression in people with diabetes *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Liaison psychiatry, diabetes control and depression, detection of depression in people with diabetes, eating disorders in people with type 1 diabetes, depression and anxiety, PTSD - post-traumatic stress disorder
diabetes *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Pituitary disease, thyroid disease, diabetes
Diabetes *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Diabetes, thyroid disease, diabetic foot, metabolic bone disease, paediatric endocrinology and diabetes, obesity
Diabetes *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Diabetes, metabolic bone disease, pituitary disease, reproductive endocrinology, thyroid disease, general medicine
diabetes *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Male impotence, diabetes, endocrinology, hypertension, lipid disorders, obesity, andrology
Diabetes *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Diabetes, endocrinology
Diabetes *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Diabetes, endocrinology, diabetic therapeutics, diabetic nephropathy
diabetes *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Paediatric and adolescent psychology, obesity, diabetes
Diabetes *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Diabetes
diabetes *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Endocrinology, diabetes, general internal medicine
Diabetes *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Diabetes, thyroid disease, endocrinology, metabolic bone disease, lipid disorders, all aspects of diabetic care
diabetes *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Endocrinology, diabetes, bone mineral metabolism, diabetes in pregnancy
Diabetes *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Diabetes, general internal medicine
Diabetes *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Diabetes
diabetes *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Paediatric endocrinology, growth, diabetes, skeletal dysplasias
diabetes *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Endocrinology, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, metabolic medicine, chronic fatigue
Diabetes *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Diabetes, endocrinology
Diabetes *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Diabetes, diabetic neuropathy, diabetic foot, endothelial dysfunction, Charcot foot, nephropathy
diabetes *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Paediatric intensive care, endocrinology, diabetes
diabetes *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Neuroendocrinology, adrenal pathologies, thyroid and parathyroid disorders, male and female sex hormone defects, diabetes, general internal medicine, electrolyte imbalance
Diabetes *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Diabetes, endocrinology, hypertension and lipids, obesity, thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal and pituitary disease, prevention of cardiovascular disease, driving and diabetes, Ramadan fast and diabetes
Diabetes *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Diabetes, hypertension, Cushing's syndrome, osteoporosis and calcium disorders, thyroid disorders
Diabetes *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Diabetes, intensive insulin therapy, cardiovascular risk reduction, polycystic ovarian syndrome, thyroid, pituitary disorders
Diabetes *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Diabetes, diabetic neuropathy, retinal screening for diabetes, postgraduate education, endocrinology
Diabetes *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Diabetes, stroke, acute medicine
diabetes *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Endocrinology, diabetes, cardiovascular prevention, lipids
Diabetes *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Diabetes, endocrinology, thyroid, ovary problems, pituitary disease, diabetic foot disease, parathyroid disease, adrenal disease
Diabetes *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Diabetes, endocrinology, general medicine, acute medicine
Diabetes *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Diabetic foot disease, diabetic retinopathy, thyroid nodular disease, hyperparathyroidism, diabetic renal disease, hyperlipidaemia, endocrinology
Diabetes *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Diabetes, endocrinology, osteoporosis, metabolic medicine, hypertension management, lipid disorders, erectile dysfunction, thyroid problems, hirsutism, pituitary disorders
diabetes *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Endocrinology, diabetes, acute medicine
diabetes *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Endocrinology, diabetes, pituitary disease, thyroid disease, endocrine disorders of the testes and ovaries, calcium disorders and diabetes, adrenal disorders
diabetes *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* General internal medicine, diabetes, thyroid disorders, endocrinology
Diabetes *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Endocrinology, metabolic bone disease, vitamin D deficiency, pituitary disease
diabetes *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Ambulatory paediatrics, clinical audit, allergy, endocrinology, diabetes, obesity, chest medicine, general paediatrics
Diabetes *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Diabetes, diabetic foot management, diabetic renal disease, hypertension, cardiovascular risk management, lipidology
Diabetes *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Diabetes, endocrinology, endodiabesity, thyroid disease, pituitary disease, general internal medicine, telemedicine
Diabetes *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Diabetes, endocrinology, growth disorders, obesity, emergency paediatrics
Diabetes *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Diabetes, hyponatraemia
Diabetes *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Diabetes, diabetic foot, CSII - continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion therapy in patients with diabetic gastroparesis, diabetic nephropathy
diabetes *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Endocrinology, thyroid disease, thyroid nodules, diabetes, diabetic retinopathy, polycystic ovarian syndrome
Diabetes *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Diabetes, endocrinology, cardiovascular medicine, obstetric medicine, calcium metabolism, chronic fatigue
Diabetes *Consultant(s)* * *Towns* Diabetes, obesity and metabolic medicine
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