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PhraseConsultantTownSpecial Interests
connective tissue disease*Consultant(s)**Towns*Inflammatory arthritis, connective tissue disease, back pain, osteoarthritis, gout, osteoporosis, soft tissue rheumatism
copper metabolism including Wilson's disease*Consultant(s)**Towns*General chemical pathology, general endocrinology, cardiovascular risk factors including lipids, homocysteine and LP(a), renal stones, fluid electrolyte balance, calcium, vitamin D, B12,folic acid, trace metals, adrenal adenomas, inborn errors of metabolism, copper metabolism including Wilson's disease
IBD - inflammatory bowel disease*Consultant(s)**Towns*IBS - irritable bowel syndrome, IBD - inflammatory bowel disease, helicobacter pylori
liver disease*Consultant(s)**Towns*Gastrointestinal endoscopy, bowel cancer screening, hepatology, viral hepatitis, luminal gastroenterology, Barrett's oesophagus, cirrhosis, liver disease
polycystic ovarian disease*Consultant(s)**Towns*IVF, polycystic ovarian disease, surgical sperm retrieval
thyroid and parathyroid disease*Consultant(s)**Towns*Endocrinology, complications of diabetes, obesity, thyroid and parathyroid disease, pituitary disease, vascular medicine, hypertension, general medicine

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