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Raa-Rag     Rah-Raj     Rak-Ram     Ran-Rao     Rap-Rat     Rau-Ray     Raz-Red     Ree-Reh     Rei-Ren     Rep-Ric     Rid-Rit     Riv-Rob    Roc-Rog     Roh-Ros     Rot-Roy     Roz-Rus     Rut-Ryt    
Dr Angus RiversProfessor Graham C RobertsDr Clare M RobertsonDr Graham R E Robinson
Mr David A RixDr Guy J S RobertsDr David N RobertsonDr Helena E Robinson
Mr Gerald H RixDr Helen C RobertsDr Dene M W RobertsonDr Ivan Robinson
Mr Thomas E Rix Dr Helen J RobertsDr Douglas RobertsonDr J Mark Robinson
Dr Rebekah A RixonDr Helen W L RobertsDr Euan T S RobertsonMr James R Robinson
Mr Kallingal RiyadDr Ian RobertsDr Ewen RobertsonMr Jonathan Robinson
Dr Amardeep S RiyatProfessor Ian S D RobertsDr Fergus J RobertsonDr Julie B Robinson
Mr Manjeet S RiyatDr Iwan F RobertsDr G Claire RobertsonDr Katharine J Robinson
Dr Shahzad RiyazDr James H M RobertsMr Gavin S M RobertsonDr Kerry A Robinson
Dr Essam A F RizkallaMr Jason L B RobertsDr Hannah RobertsonMr Lee Q Robinson
Mr Jonah RizkallaMr John A RobertsDr Helen M RobertsonDr Linda J Robinson
Dr Assen I RizovDr John W RobertsMr Iain J RobertsonDr Lisa G Robinson
Dr Syed RizviMr Jonathan V RobertsDr Iain R RobertsonDr Louise Robinson
Dr Syed M H RizviDr Judith M RobertsMr John RobertsonDr Louise Robinson
Dr Syed P J RizviDr Justin RobertsProfessor John F R RobertsonMiss Lynne L L Robinson
Mr Syed T M RizviDr Justin C RobertsDr Julie C RobertsonDr Mark J C Robinson
Dr Mohammed M RizwanullahMr Keith J RobertsMr Keith E RobertsonDr Martin H Robinson
Ms Anna RizzelloDr Lara RobertsDr Kenneth J RobertsonDr Max Robinson
Dr Huw D RoachMiss Lesley S A RobertsDr Kerine M RobertsonDr Neil A S Robinson
Mr Richard T RoachDr Mark E RobertsMr Kevin W RobertsonDr Nicholas M K Robinson
Dr Philip J RobartsDr Mark E RobertsDr Lee M RobertsonDr Oliver S Robinson
Dr Alison E RobbDr Mark T M RobertsDr Lindsay P RobertsonDr P Neville Robinson
Mr Andrew W RobbDr Megan RobertsDr Lisa K RobertsonMr Philip Robinson
Mr Curtis A RobbMr Michael A RobertsDr M Ann C RobertsonDr Philip Robinson
Dr Henry RobbDr Michael J D RobertsProfessor Neil P RobertsonMr Richard Robinson
Mr Peter J RobbMr Neil RobertsProfessor Nicola J RobertsonDr Richard E M Robinson
Dr Stephanie A RobbDr Nerys RobertsDr Simon J RobertsonDr Richard J Robinson
Dr Stephen J RobbDr Nicholas A RobertsDr Sophie L RobertsonDr Richard J Robinson
Dr Chiara RobbaDr Nicholas D RobertsMr Stuart M RobertsonDr Robert Robinson
Mr Scott J RobbieMiss Nicole J RobertsDr Stuart W RobertsonDr Robert T C E Robinson
Dr Bridget J A RobbinsDr Patrick RobertsDr Tanya C RobertsonMr Roger Robinson
Mr Graham RobbinsMr Patrick J RobertsMr Timothy D RobertsonMrs Rosemary Robinson
Dr Peter RobbinsMr Paul RobertsDr Jan L RobertusMr S John Robinson
Dr Sian E RobbinsDr Paul R RobertsDr Jonathan M RobinDr Sara L Robinson
Miss Sonia P RobbinsDr Peter RobertsMs Julie RobinMiss Sarah Robinson
Dr M Leema P RobertDr Philip RobertsDr Nicole M RobinDr Sarah J Robinson
Dr Benjamin J RobertonMr Philip J RobertsDr Andrew RobinsDr Simon G Robinson
Dr Aled W RobertsDr R Sion C RobertsDr Gerard G RobinsDr Stephen Robinson
Dr Alexandra C RobertsDr Ralph N RobertsDr James B RobinsProfessor Stephen Robinson
Dr Alice M RobertsDr Rhys C RobertsDr Kay RobinsDr Stephen M Robinson
Dr Alison C RobertsDr Richard A RobertsDr Adam C J RobinsonMr Stephen N Robinson
Mr Andrew RobertsDr Robin H RobertsDr Alexandra L RobinsonDr Stephen P Robinson
Dr Ann RobertsDr Russell G RobertsDr Andrew RobinsonDr Susan Robinson
Dr Austin P RobertsDr S Ashley RobertsMr Andrew (Fred) RobinsonDr Susan E Robinson
Professor C Michael RobertsMr Sam C RobertsDr Andrew D T RobinsonDr Susan M Robinson
Miss Catharine H RobertsDr Sarah L RobertsDr Andrew G RobinsonMr T Dudley Robinson
Dr Catherine E RobertsMrs Selwa A K RobertsDr Angela J RobinsonProfessor Thompson Robinson
Dr Catherine L RobertsDr Selwyn P RobertsDr Angus J RobinsonDr Timothy Robinson
Dr Catherine M L RobertsDr Shaun S RobertsDr Anne E RobinsonDr Tony Robinson
Mr Ceri RobertsMr Simon RobertsMr Anthony C RobinsonMs Zoey F Robinson
Dr Christopher RobertsDr Sophie A RobertsDr B Louise RobinsonMr D Graham Roblin
Dr Christopher M RobertsDr Stephen A RobertsDr Bruce J S RobinsonMr Paul Roblin
Mr Christopher P RobertsDr Steven J RobertsMr C Michael RobinsonDr Siri-Ann Robling
Miss Clare J RobertsDr Suzanne E RobertsDr Caroline L RobinsonMiss Penelope J Robshaw
Dr Claudia RobertsDr Timothy L RobertsDr Catherine RobinsonMr Andrew K Robson
Mr Darren C RobertsDr Will T RobertsDr Charlotte C RobinsonDr Christopher E Robson
Mr David RobertsDr Jane E Roberts DBEMiss Christine A RobinsonDr Deborah D Robson
Dr David E RobertsDr Marilyn D Roberts-HarewoodMr David RobinsonDr Genevieve M K Robson
Dr David H RobertsMr Dai Roberts-HarryDr David A RobinsonDr Jonathan M Robson
Dr Devender RobertsMrs Elizabeth Roberts-HarryDr David C RobinsonDr Kelvin M Robson
Dr Digby RobertsMr T John Roberts-HarryDr David L RobinsonMiss Melanie J Robson
Dr Dwynwen M RobertsDr Helen RobertshawDr David L RobinsonDr Michael Robson
Dr Elved B RobertsDr Sarah J RobertshawDr David N RobinsonDr Michael J Robson
Dr Fiona RobertsDr Alan C RobertsonMr David W RobinsonDr Michael J A Robson
Dr Fiona RobertsMr Alasdair N RobertsonMr Derek E RobinsonDr Nicola K Robson
Dr Fleur E RobertsDr Alastair S RobertsonProfessor Douglas S RobinsonDr Peter W Robson
Dr Frederick L RobertsMr Andrew S RobertsonDr Emma J RobinsonDr Philip J Robson
Mr Gareth RobertsMr Angus RobertsonMs Fiona RobinsonDr Richard J M Robson
Dr Gareth E W RobertsDr Beverley J RobertsonDr Frances P RobinsonProfessor Stephen C Robson
Dr Gareth H RobertsDr Carol RobertsonDr Gisela E RobinsonDr Victoria-Anne Robson
Dr Gareth W RobertsDr Carolyn E RobertsonDr Grace V Robinson
Dr Gillian C RobertsDr Claire M RobertsonDr Graham J Robinson
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