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Cab-Cal     Cam-Cam     Can-Car     Cas-Caw     Cay-Cha     Che-Che     Chh-Chi     Chn-Cho     Chr-Cif     Cik-Cla     Cle-Coa    Cob-Col     Com-Con     Coo-Coo     Cop-Cor     Cos-Cou     Cov-Cra     Cre-Cro     Cru-Cun     Cup-Cyn     Cyr-Czy    
Mr T Marcus CleanthisDr Richard ClementsDr Paul F J CliftDr Fiona S Clunie
Dr John D ClearDr Sanja ClementsDr Andrew CliftonDr Gavin P R Clunie
Professor Anthony J CleareDr Stephan D ClementsDr Barry A CliftonDr Alison D Cluroe
Mr Louis G ClearkinMr W D Barry ClementsMr G Rupert E CliftonDr Daniel Clutterbuck
Dr Gavin ClearyDr Stephen D ClenaghanDr Ian J CliftonDr Thomas H Clutton-Brock
Dr Maureen ClearyDr Susan J ClentonMr Nicholas J CliftonDr Paul A Clyburn
Dr Morgan CleasbyDr Linda J ClerihewDr Jacqueline ClinchDr Aileen Clyde
Dr Susan CleatorMr Nicholas T ClerkMr Simon A ClintDr Katherine R Clyde
Mr Stewart J CleeveDr Gerald CleshamDr Richard O ClintonMr Peter Cnudde
Dr Victoria J CleeveDr Trevor J ClevelandDr Sean T ClintonDr Alison Coackley
Mr Gareth R CleggDr Joanne R CleverleyDr Laura E ClipshamDr David W Coad
Dr Ian A CleggMr Glenn J ClewerDr Edwin C ClitheroeDr Nigel A G Coad
Dr Sarah K CleggDr Adrian R ClewesDr Sally CliveDr Anne M Coady
Dr Nicola J CleghornMr Jonothan J ClibbonDr Yvette CloeteDr David A Coady
Dr Oonagh ClelandMr Andrew CliffDr Victoria D M Cloete-HopkinsMr Martin S E Coady
Dr Peter G ClelandDr Sandeep CliffMr David J ClokeDr James R Coakes
Dr Stephen ClelandDr Lucy P CliffeDr Alison H ClooteDr Gerald L Coakley
Dr Colin A ClellandDr C Piers CliffordDr Peter J CloseDr Margaret N Coakley
Dr Ian D ClementDr Damian P CliffordMr Roger E W CloseMr Christopher M Coapes
D Maria E ClementDr Elizabeth CliffordDr Steven A CloseMr Christopher J Coates
Mr W Andrew ClementDr John M CliffordDr Joanna C ClothierDr Jonathon L P Coates
Dr Mark T Clement-JonesMiss Katy A CliffordDr Geoffrey C CloudDr Lauren E Coates
Dr Carmen ClementeMr Luke J CliffordDr Christopher G CloughDr Lucy E Coates
Mr Adrian ClementsDr Margaret CliffordDr David G F CloughDr Philip A A Coates
Dr David G ClementsDr Miranda CliffordMr Timothy CloughSurg Cdr Philip J B Coates
Dr Helena ClementsMr Benedict A CliftDr Catherine CloutDr Steve Coates
Dr Melanie J ClementsDr John L CliftDr Laura ClowMr Andrew Coatesworth
Dr Paul ClementsDr Katie E CliftDr Vincent J ClubbProfessor Timothy J Coats
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